Plain Sailing

The good ship Triton has been back in port for a day (no site down time was required, hey this is an analogy) for a spruce up and refitting with some new technology. I have been removing the barnacles from the hull, and fitting new extra special sails to ensure we can handle the roughest of seas.

So, feel free to chew on a lime while I list some of the things we’ve altered.

A slight modification of the twentyten theme – The twentyten theme is the default WordPress theme and comes for free. It is also used as the default by a lot of WordPress theme developers. Using this theme means anyone else looking to develop on our deliverables will find it much easier to do so. In terms of file modifications, we’ve only modified 1 file (if you ignore the stylings) – and so we could even drop this change and all of the other modifications would work.

Bringing in OER already – We’ve got a goal to make WordPress into a simple platform for OER and OCW discoverability. We have a simple “widget” which (on the home page) brings in the most recent podcasts, or (on posts) brings in content related to the content of that page. We’ve also tweaked the categories widget to do the same thing. So straight away each page on Politics In Spires is already bringing in OER related to that pages content.

Adding pictures – Hopefully you read Friday’s blog post on the picture picker? Well if you did you’ll accept the argument that flickr pictures can now become OER, or that making nicer looking OER is now very easy for an academic. We’ve also made this tool available open source and it’s had over 50 downloads so far.

Making sure people know we are open – We’ve added a hopefully very simple registration system to the site for content creators, and made sure that everyone signing up to the site has seen we are making all content available as a CC license. We’ve also contacted the author of the plug-in with some new code bits we made.

Hopefully we’ll have some new announcements soon, and these new announcements won’t be delivered via a message in a bottle.

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