The GuttenWordPress – turning WordPress into a repository

The Triton project has one of it’s deliverables as “dynamic collections”. A dynamic collection is defined as

thematically sorted collections of subject specific OERs harvested from the web, with community tools to highlight relevance and aid selection.

Originally, the Xpert RSS plugin brought in content from the various UK OER programmes by matching a WordPress post’s categories with search terms for the API.

After some recent development work however, the dynamic collection is now a much more powerful beast. As well as Xpert, the dynamic collection searches for OER from Merlot and OER Commons (via their API). It also looks in Wikipedia and sister sites Wikibooks and Wikiversity for Openly licensed materials. We’ve found several openly licensed blogs on politics (including LSE’s) and we can search these too. Journals – we can search Mendeley for journals – and as the coup de grace we also search almost all of the political podcasts from OpenSpires.

Sounds hard to set up? No it isn’t. Using the custom page type feature in WordPress, adding a new collection is as simple as typing in some words to search for. Just like google really. The only overhead is adding the URLs into the system. However, once a URL is added, multiple collections can be built off it.

We think this a pretty important OER tool. Any WordPress user can simply build a block of resources to search through on key terms of their choice. So once you’ve installed the plugin, you can build up a collection of RSS Feeds and queries, then really simply come up with one (or a set of) keyword(s) to search with.

So we built these four collections in about ten minutes (and that was mostly refining the search terms).

Political Theory –

Comparative Government –

International Relations –

European politics and society –

Please let us know what you think

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