Taxominous: your term is terminal

While finishing off our Triton report, I did some quick Google Insight checks to see how often terms are searched for on Google. It’s interesting that as a term “OER” and “Open Educational Resources” are searched for less (especially in terms of how therefore we could maximise impact of these resources)

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  1. thanks for publishing this – at the risk of stating the obvious:

    it offers more evidence that OER is a somewhat awkward term and one that serves a useful purpose within a community but which is not likely to be meaningful outside of it.

    free isn’t being used a search term – which I guess this brings back to the question of how much users care about copyright…

    it’s really interesting to see the prominence of OCW as a search term – to be honest I’m surprised . I know that they’ve created a really strong and focused ‘brand’ for OER-like things but for it to be nearly on par in frequency to a search for “learning materials” is quite something.

  2. Patrick Lockley says:

    I’m not sure it’s on a par – it’s google insight / terms values – so a pinch of salt is required.

    The inclusion of OCW was a part barometer / calibration, part dig at having a schism or OER and OCW, but then what is CW and ER if people want TM (teaching materials)

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