So we’ve been experimenting with our dynamic collections, and have added in some new features (still ever so slightly in beta).

So you like the collection, but don’t want to visit when it aggregates new content (which happens 48 times a day). So perhaps you’d like to take the content as an RSS Feed.

Well you can! – just alter the address from


et voila.

But what if you like the collection, and would like it on your website? You would. Well guess what!

You can! is a remote version of

But how! Well merely reference the page as part of a script

<script src=””></script>
Note you need to add “?embed_dc=true” to the end of the URL.
So that’s ok, but what about this paradata you keep hearing about? You want paradata? You can have paradata!
This is a format called “activity.streams” developed by Microsoft, Facebook et al to convey actions people have carried out on a webpage. This may be one of the paradata forms used in the learning registry
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