Not closed, definitely open

A week ago the Ripple project team completed the final report for this HEA/JISC OER phase 2 project. The report and appendices are available on the project website along with a wealth of resources which will be of use to the wider HE community.

The Ripple project was a successful initiative to support two partner institutions, enabling them to explore the issues, processes and policies for OER release. Using a workshop-based approach involving a broad range of experts and enthusiasts Ripple provided the opportunity to engage in wider partnerships, empowering participants to develop their own vision.

Key achievements of the Ripple project
Five workshops successfully delivered covering key aspects of OER release
Unique reusable OER training resources from workshops released for the benefit of the wider community:
  • 18 videos from key speakers
  • 19 audio recordings of presentations
  • 14 other workshop documents to support OER training
  • Five workshop reports on the project blog
  • Five workshop evaluation reports
  • Four instructional videos released in an OER toolkit for reuse and remixing
  • 15 collections released as OER by our partner institutions

Ripple has ‘made a difference’ and brought our partners to a state of readiness for more widespread OER release:

 “it has given us huge confidence at this end” “The name of the project is very apt – it is like throwing a stone into the pond and seeing the ripples bouncing back and forth…  Many more ripples have gone out than I can name here…”  Harper Adams Lead

 We were right not to think of it as a project to produce OER, but to stimulate the process. The value lies in direct influence on infrastructure and processes… The project has accelerated the pace of development both on workflows and infrastructure for wider scale release of OER…  The main way has been learning from others – a range of experts through the workshops who have been through this process – not only Oxford but also the Open University, Coventry, etc.”  Oxford Brookes Lead

Promoting the sharing of good practice and staff training was seen as the key project engagement activity – ‘The Ripple Effect’ – and it reached a large number of staff. The collaborations and working alliances that have been developed through Ripple will last beyond the life of this project. So no doors closed here – all doors left open.

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