End of the beginning

The Triton project has achieved a lot in 1 year; our final report and a host of resources for reuse are available on the project website

The aim of the Triton project was to bring high-quality open educational resources (OER) closer to the politics and international relations subject community through new tools developed around a cross-institutional blog http://politicsinspires.org. By ‘discovering’ hundreds of open materials and linking these to new scholarly politics articles, the new site presents a wealth of learning resources for the subject community and the wider public audience.

OER resources are often hidden from the casual internet search and the project has assessed how easy it is to use various OER aggregators to compile thematic sets of material (see earlier posts). These thematic sets are continually updated (‘dynamic’) and are categorised so they can be linked to any relevant site resource.

Contributors have benefited from engaging with the open culture movement to see the value of sharing materials, understanding IPR issues and contributing to “open academic practice”.

Triton developed technical work in three key areas:

  • Dynamic collections – building directories of OER material that can be displayed in a variety of topic-based collections. These collections are dynamically harvested from major OER aggregators and have community tools to rate material. Subject specialists can easily create new collections and these are automatically populated with online resources of different media types (learning packages, blog posts, audio, video and images).
  • Learning path creator – a new bookmarking tool allows registered users to bookmark in their browser any online resource and deposit this within the blog framework. This bookmark approach quickly builds new groups of quality-controlled, curated OER which provide a structured list or learning pathway around a thematic topic.
  • Tools and support resources – have been developed to improve the OER experience within the open source WordPress blogging environment including support for cataloguing, ingest of OER, image search and export to standalone documents. These tools have been openly released that other subject areas can leverage this user-friendly environment for engaging with OER and disseminating new works.

Everything has been developed with sharing and reuse in mind – so please visit the project site and explore.

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