Amazing timelapse video of the Oxford Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

In this timelapse video created from over 30,000 images you can follow the building work taking place at the new Oxford Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.


The Radcliffe Observatory Quarter is one of the most significant development projects the University of Oxford has undertaken for more than a century.

It is a 10-acre site in central Oxford, bound by the Woodstock Road, Somerville College, Walton Street, Observatory Street, and Green Templeton College, and is the last remaining large plot of land available for development in the historic heart of the city.

The complete refurbishment of the Radcliffe Infirmary building, including the courtyard and the fountain, is now underway with completion programmed for the summer of 2012. The building will be occupied by the Humanities Divisional Office, the Faculty of Philosophy and the Philosophy and Theology Libraries.

The video is made from a series of around 30,000 images taken every minute from a web camera located in a building high above the works. The images are sent every minute to a server at the Computing Services and then they’re processed by the team to improve the quality and the shots taken outside of the working hours are removed.¬† The images are glued together into a series at 25 images per second, sped up to fit into a five minute video and then exported into a web MP4 format.

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