Great Writers Animation and all 10 minute taster talks released

Just a reminder that 12 audio and video recordings which were captured at our “Be Inspired” December & February events are now all live at These provide a great introduction for students studying themes and writers that are related to the Great Writers Inspire project

Short video introducing the Great Writers OER project

The project is covering a huge range of writers from Shakespeare to D.H.Lawrence, together with over a thousand ebooks from the Oxford Text Archive, Project Gutenberg and we’re currently testing aggregating a selection from the Bodelian Library Google books project. Our wonderful young editor Josh Carr has just produced a taster animation to promote the Great Writers project:

These inspirational short talks by Oxford academics form the basis of content collections from the Great Writers Inspire website, but we didn’t want you to wait until that was ready so they are freely available via Oxford’s podcasting portal and iTunesU.

The lectures cover early English to post-colonial; the Beowulf poet, Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Jonathan Swift, Stephen Duck, William Blake, Johnson, George Eliot, Dickens, Katherine Mansfield, Olive Schreiner and J.M. Coetzee, these short talks will inspire you to discover more.

All our material is free for use and resue in schools and Universities under the terms of our Creative Commons licence. A full list of related literature podcasts are available here.

Enjoy our taster animation for the Great Writers project and as always thanks to Josh and all our academic contributors and our student ambassadors for making the material free and open.

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