SPINDLE in a nutshell

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Globalisation policy keywords

Globalisation policy keywordsGlobalisation policy keywords
Globalisation policy keywords

SPINDLE brings together the media and podcasyting team at OUCS with experts in linguistics and speech technology from the Phonetics Laboratory  to work on the University’s growing collection of video and audio podcasts of lectures. The project will use speech-to-text technologies to automatically create transcripts of lecturesin order  to generate keywords which will help with the indexing, description and discovery of the lectures.

The team will also investigate further potential uses of the transcripts, such as screen-reading and full-text search, and will build demonstrators of synchronised subtitling, as well as writing blogs on the various technical options, standards, barriers, problems, and work-arounds, to assist other institutions which may be considering developing similar or related services.

University of Oxford podcasts are freely available at http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/

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