Open Spires – A new view of Oxford’s Open projects

We’ve made it easier to see Oxford’s Open Educational projects – they are now all clearly grouped together and linked from a new site with updated introductory videos and search options : A great variety of open projects are … Continue reading

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SPINDLE project starts – Combining Podcasts with Speech Technology

Can we use Automatic Speech to Text Technology to generate better cataloguing of our open content ? A new project at OUCS starts in March, funded by JISC as part of their ‘Rapid Innovation in Open Educational Resources‘ programme. SPINDLE … Continue reading

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A taste of Raspberry Pi for Open Education Week at Oxford University

To celebrate international Open Education Week we promoted a number of our Open Spires projects that are releasing free resources from Oxford including the Great Writers literature project, our World War 1 resources and the Oxford University podcasts. All our … Continue reading

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‘Here be dragons’ – Journeys to the edge of WordPress with OER content

Limitations of using WordPress as an aggregator Part of the Triton Project was to develop “Dynamic collections”. The idea driving this was to develop collections of open educational resources around certain topics. Initially developments involved using the Jorum Widget, the … Continue reading

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Keeping the door open – final Ripple workshop

This was the fifth and final workshop in the programme of support offered by the Ripple project. The topic was sustainability and future collaboration in OER. In addition to this, and in response to previous requests from project partners, there … Continue reading

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Developing tools for Open Education at the CETIS OER Hack Day

The OpenSpires Triton team spent a very productive two days working with programmers and developers from around the UK at the recent CETIS OER Hack day. A range of tools were created in a fast and furious coding and writing … Continue reading

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Engaging staff in OER: persuasion, support and reward

On the 16th March the Ripple partners gathered at Oxford Brookes University to participate in the fourth workshop. This was the first workshop organised and hosted by one of the partners and it was a great success: interesting presentations, stimulating … Continue reading

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YouTube service makes video more accessible

A new captioning accessibility service has been announced for the YouTube educational channels. This service will make it easier to provide text transcriptions of video and automatic caption generation. OpenSpires is interested in any service that helps bring audio video … Continue reading

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The Steeple podcasting project

The JISC Steeple project, a collaboration across the podcasting services at Oxford,Cambridge and the Open University (with partners at more than 10 other HEs) also maintains a number of wiki pages discussing the technical areas of encoding and metadata. The … Continue reading

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Discovering DiscoverEd

Recently I’ve been trying a few queries on Creative Commons’ new DiscoverEd OER search page. For example this query for any CC-licensed material referencing the doomed Franklin Expedition – my current pet interest outside work and something I thought might well produce … Continue reading

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