Gambling against Kierkegaard

“Leap of faith” is a weird phrase. The wikipedia article for “leap of faith” spends a lot of time discussing Kierkegaard – who the article admits never used the phrase. Other sources attribute it back to John Wycliffe and Latin … Continue reading

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Taught and tautology

The word shibboleth has started to mean different things to different people, to the extent that, shibboleth is now a shibboleth (and it doing so a tautology). Originally, in Wycliffe’s translation of the bible it is the word used by¬†Jephthah … Continue reading

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What a difference a Pat makes!

The last week has seen a whirlwind of activity since our new Web Developer, Pat Lockley, started on the Triton project. We are delighted to welcome Pat to the Oxford team and, as anyone involved in UK OER knows, he … Continue reading

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Developing tools for Open Education at the CETIS OER Hack Day

The OpenSpires Triton team spent a very productive two days working with programmers and developers from around the UK at the recent CETIS OER Hack day. A range of tools were created in a fast and furious coding and writing … Continue reading

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What do students want?

Last week we ran a small focus group to gather feedback on (the politics blog which is part of our Triton project) with four undergraduate students studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. The session ran for nearly two hours and … Continue reading

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Appreciative feedback from users of the OpenSpires OER material

We continue to collect feedback from users of the OpenSpires open content, mainly in the form of emails to the academic contributor or direct to the podcasting service. We monitor downloads and often get great feedback from students within Oxford … Continue reading

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Why WordPress for OER ? because it has widgets !

Why use WordPress for delivering or presenting Open Educational Resources (OER) ? because it has widgets ! What’s a widget? Well, if you look on the far right hand side of this page you’ll see a few widgets that come … Continue reading

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Why WordPress has great potential for delivering Open Content

Why do we like WordPress for open content? Because it just works. A core part of our Triton work is looking at how we can increase the visibility of Open Educational Resources (OER) related to the politics subject area. We … Continue reading

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Collaboration on aggregation

At our first technical workshop recently we were lucky to have in attendance Simon Dickson and Simon Wheatley, external consultants from Puffbox who are experts in WordPress and have vast experience in the field of political blogging, and Pat Lockley … Continue reading

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