ORDS demonstration video

Although the ORDS and the Database-as-a-Service software underpinning it are still very much in development, we have put together a 20-minute video illustrating some of the key features of the software in its current form. We hope to start user testing shortly.

In response to feedback, I should note the following:

It really is still in development – we are aware that lots of things don’t quite work yet or are poorly presented.

If you wish to select multiple fields in the query builder, as in the demo, you need to hold down the ‘ctrl’ key.

We’re still working on billing and cost models for the ORDS at Oxford – nothing is set in stone yet regarding how this will work. The forms may look quite different in future.

Data exports will include field names (column headings) – we’ll be fixing that shortly

Besides uploading existing Access database, .csv files (such as spreadsheets exported in this format) can also be uploaded.

A list of know issues with the system as it currently stands can be found at http://code.google.com/p/ords/issues/list.

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