ORDS Release 1.0.5

After a slight hiatus we have now released ORDS version 1.0.5. This doesn’t contain as many changes as previous releases as we are currently in the process of making some quite significant improvements to particular aspects of the service.

Firstly, we are close to implementing a full ODBC service for users. This will enable you to securely edit data hosted on ORDS from third-party database software such as Microsoft Access. It is possible to do this already with help from the ORDS team, but these improvements should make it much easier to connect from different devices in multiple locations.

Secondly, we’ve been hearing about a few issues with the schema designer. Saving changes to database schemas can take a long time, and occasionally it results in some rather impenetrable error messages. The designer also struggles when processing databases with very large tables, and we’ve encountered all manner of problems when using Internet Explorer, although Chrome and Firefox generally work OK.

Anyway, the improvements that you will find in release 1.0.5 are as follow…

  • In Internet Explorer, database structures should now appear properly in the schema designer
  • Improved contextual help for variable types in the schema designer
  • Saving a database in the schema designer no longer reverses order of fields
  • Improved explanation on database upload failure
  • Behind the scenes improvements as to how error messages are handled
  • Improved trial project explanation and presentation
  • Added button to request a project upgrade from trial to full

As always, do report any issues you find to the ORDS team and we’ll do our best to fix them rapidly.

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