First ORDS training session

If you’re a proud parent, you wait eagerly for your new baby to sit up for the first time, or for the appearance of the first tooth. If you’re nurturing a fledgling IT service, there are similar milestones, and a warm rosy glow was detectable among the ORDS team last week as we reached one of these – the first official ORDS training session. This was a half day course, organized through IT Services’ IT Learning Programme.

ORDS: An Introduction - slideshow

ORDS: An Introduction – slideshow

A smallish but receptive group of participants put the ORDS through its paces over the course of three hours on Friday afternoon. The session combined a presentation to explain the theory with a variety of hands-on exercises designed to demonstrate some of what the system can do.

The slides and coursebook from the training session are now available for download from the Research Support team website. Both offer an overview of key features of the ORDS system; the coursebook also includes the exercises, which you can work through in your own time. There’s even a sample database for you to practice with.

If you’d like to attend an ORDS training course in person (and thus have the opportunity to ask questions and get practical assistance from the instructors), we’ll be running it again in Hilary term. You can express an interest in this here – you’ll be notified once the next course date has been scheduled.

In the meantime, any specific queries about the ORDS can (as always) be addressed to the ORDS team at

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