ORDS Release 1.0.6

Since the last release we have been focusing on re-engineering the ORDS schema designer to overcome a number of fairly minor problems that, in combination, have made it difficult to save changes to database structures. The system now checks that each edit a user makes in the schema designer is valid before they actually save those changes. This makes it much easier to identify what is causing a problem, as well as overcoming several issues where errors were being caused by one part of a database being re-built before another part.

Fixes in this release include:

  • Database schemas now load correctly into recent versions of Internet Explorer
  • Edited database schemas can now be saved in recent versions of Internet Explorer
  • Ticking the ‘Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues’ check box after saving changes no longer prevents later changes from being saved in Firefox
  • SQL querying interface redesigned to  break out different parts of query
  • Datasets viewed via the public search interface can now be sorted
  • Invitations to join a project sent to non-registered users should now work correctly
  • New users with usernames greater than 20 characters can now successfully register
  • Error messages now presented if users attempt to create invalid relationships between tables
  • Improved error messages relating to duplicate table and field names
  • User are now warned about unsaved changes to a database structure when exiting the database designer
  • Improved warnings about potential data loss when a field is changed from one type to another
  • Fixed error when converting integer numbers to double precision
  • Fixed error when converting integer numbers to big integers
  • Primary keys can now be renamed and include capital letters
  • ‘char’ fields now retain defined length
  • Added the three basic data types to top of list when defining a field
  • Schema designer now checks for errors as changes are made
  • Fixed error relating to order in which changes to a database structures are saved
  • Fixed issues relating to relationship creation in the schema designer not work reliably when using ORDS-created foreign keys
  • Fixed memory issues preventing edits to database structures being saved where one or more tables consists of a very large number of records (greater than c.300,000)

A side effect of these changes is that the positioning of tables in the schema editing screen has been reset. Many apologies for the inconvenience of having to rearrange them!

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