ORDS Release 1.0.7

The Online Research Database Service (ORDS) was upgraded to version 1.0.7 on the 27th January 2015. This upgrade includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed crash when navigating between pages of query results
  • Fixed issue where sorting the results of a newly-defined query would cause a crash
  • Fixed syntax errors when re-running queries caused by the way the new query interface parses SQL
  • Improved explanatory text for query interface
  • Fixed crash when accessing the editing interface for tables with spaces in their names
  • Fixed problem where relationships were not being displayed properly in the schema designer
  • Fixed registration issue affecting people with long email addresses
  • Fixed issue where some emails to users consisted of two separate messages that had become merged
  • Improved documentation regarding ‘decimal’ fields
  • Warning message added when trying to delete a field containing data
  • Removed warning message relating to overwriting existing data where there is no existing data to overwrite
  • Removed instances of ‘trial project’ labeling when users actually working with a full project
  • Removed buttons from database page that were erroneously appearing during the database upload process
  • Open database connections should now be closing properly (this is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ change which should improve performance)
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