ORDS Release 1.0.9

The Online Research Database Service was upgraded to version 1.0.9 on 10/3/2015. If you have been following the ORDS development you may notice that this means we have skipped release 1.0.8., which was not as stable as we would have liked and therefore did not make it past the verification phase.

Release 1.0.9 include a number of fixes and functionality improvements, including

  • Fixed issues blocking import of large databases (>400 MB)
  • You can now sort records in the data editing view by clicking on field names
  • Comments relating to particular fields are now visible in the data adding/editing interface
  • Data can now be saved as .csv when running a saved query
  • Entering a semicolon in the querying interface no longer causes a crash
  • Sorting query results no longer prevents them being subsequently saved as a dataset or exported
  • Apostrophes should now display correctly in query results
  • .csv exports now include correct field names
  • Some issues relating to the upload of non-standard characters fixed (although this issue is not yet completely resolved)
  • The ‘clear query’ button should now work in Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers
  • Automatically-generated incremental ID number should now actually be incremental in all cases
  • Improvements to in-service documentation and labeling

Over the next couple of weeks we will be focusing in particular on issues relating to importing and exporting data contacting non-standard characters. We will also be applying the finishing touches to the ODBC connections system, which should make it easier to edit ORDS databases from 3rd party database management software such as Microsoft Access.

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