About OxCERT

OxCERT (University of Oxford Computer Emergency Response Team) is the team responsible for the security of the backbone network at the University of Oxford. Founded in 1994, the team is based within the University’s IT Services department and work closely with the University’s Information Security Team. For further details please visit http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/network/security/ and http://www.it.ox.ac.uk/infosec/”.

OxCERT post on current events, recent conferences and other matters of interest to the university and to the global IT security community.

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  1. Dan Goodin says:


    Dan Goodin, a reporter with technology news website Ars Technica, here. I saw the web post at:


    Can you tell me what the current status of Google Docs is on your network? Is it still being blocked? If so, how are students and faculty responding?

    I’m on a very tight deadline, so please respond ASAP.

    Kind regards,

    Dan Goodin

    • Robin Stevens says:

      Google Docs was only blocked for about 2.5 hours last week; access was restored as soon as we considered it appropriate.

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