Disaster recovery of the University’s private cloud infrastructure

The University’s private cloud operates over two sites – 13 Banbury Road (former OUCS) and the University Shared Data Centre on Parks Road. Half the service is delivered from each site, with “Campus” virtual datacentres hosted at OUCS and “Datacentre” … Continue reading

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Rescanning your SCSI bus to see new storage

If you have added new storage to a running VM, you probably won’t see it. This is because the SCSI bus to which the storage devices are connected needs to be rescanned to make the new hardware visible. How you … Continue reading

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Options for installing VMware Tools into Linux VMs

There are two versions of VMware Tools – the full commercial package shipped with VMware products, and an open source version based on development snapshots of the commercial packages, called the Open VM Tools. The latter are not supported by … Continue reading

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