Academic podcasting

Oxford is one of the largest producers of academic podcasts in the UK. 2nd only to the Open University in the number of  recordings we publish into ItunesU. This success is entirely due to academic colleague being willing and enthusiastic about this way of communicating their work.

The winners in this category are selected from the large community of academic podcasters at Oxford. This year there are three winners, who have all delivered high quality educational content to a global audience. The winners are Dr Catherine Brown (Faculty of English and St Catherines College ), for her lecture series looking at key concepts in studying ‘Literature and Form’; Dr Alison Foster for initiating a series of high quality podcasts from the Oxford Botanic Garden; and Professor Mark Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre for the immensely popular The New Psychology of Depression series.

Catherine Brown’s podcasts are part of the ‘Great Writers Inspire’ collection. This is Open Educational Resources project designed to attract new learners and support teachers in schools. The collection  saw 40,000 downloads of short lectures and talks on iTunes U in its first fortnight.

Alison Foster has led in the creation of two virtual audio tours for the Botanic Gardens.
Visitors can walk round the gardens with a device that will play back the short talks at various points along the route.Various speakers have gotten involved with tour including accomplished, award winning writer, Phillip Pullman. Following the success of the first series, a new series, talking about the chemistry of plants, is currently in production, with various academics and students from the Chemistry department getting involved.  A third series is planned.

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