Open educational resource projects

This year we have awarded prizes for projects engaging groups of staff in ongoing activities which produce work explicitly licensed as ‘open for sharing’  using creative commons licensing (Open Educational Resources). This years winners are a team from the Bodleian Libraries for  23 Things Oxford, a  self-directed learning programme to introduce library staff to Web 2.0 technologies.

Also awarded is a team of academic bloggers from the Department of Politics and International Relations  who, along with student editors and colleagues from Cambridge University, write a shared blog  ‘Politics in Spires’ which comments on current events.

As part of their 23 things course, librarians engage with a series of social media tools, share ideas, reflect on practice and write blog posts to contribute to a community resource for others.  The design of the course itself is a re-used learning design. The original 23 things concept was developed by librarians in the USA and has been adopted by university and public libraries across the UK, with each group adding their own local spin on the tasks. All of the courses are available to all, and all materials generated are openly licenced. The 23 Things team at OULS are Laura Wilkinson, Penny Schenk, Jane Rawson, Emma Cragg & Angela Carritt. Read a SCONUL article about 23Things Oxford 138 members of OULS library staff registered to take part in the programme and set up blogs to record their progress. Of these, 82 participants successfullycompleted the programme.

‘Politics In Spires’ is a similarly influential community resource. Researchers and students are regularly blogging into a shared resource, with their writings publicly available and licened for re-use. Kate Candy has worked hard along with her team of students and colleagues to make the project a success. Scot Peterson of the Oxford Politics in Spires Oversight Committee says, ‘The blog is really interesting, original and thought-provoking It is well argued and incorporates material from students’ field work for their degrees.  This is exactly what we are looking for!’ You can find out more about the ‘Politics in Spires’ project on the LTG YouTube Channel.

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