Student podcasting

You may be familiar with the  term ‘student as producer’, it is a movement across several higher education institutions to support and encourage students to create materials which reflect their experience within their University; whether thats about learning and studying, representation, or collaboration with tutors in research activities.

At Oxford we are fortunate to have  many student editors and podcast producers who work to produce podcasts, write blogs, tweet conferences and make videos so it is always difficult to choose winners in this category.

This year’s Student Podcasting Award goes to a group of undergraduate students at St Peter’s College who have created a YouTube channel to give applicants a clearer depiction of university life, from the students themselves. The entirely student-run channel aims to dispel some of the myths about studying at Oxford, and to give a sense of the vibrancy of student life at St Peter’s. Videos include interviews, college tours, and footage of college events. The videos were put together by a team of students led by Simon Clark, 3rd year physics undergraduate at St Peter’s.

The runners up are  the teams of Great Writers Inspire student ambassadors. Seven post-graduate students from the English Faculty with varying subject specialisations who find existing  open content for the project, write contextual material (essays), blog and promote the project via  a social media campaign.

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