OxTALENT Speakers: Liz McCarthy

At last year’s OxTALENT award ceremony  we gave a prize to team of colleagues from the Bodleian Libraries for their open educational initiative ’23 things‘.

As part of their 23 things course,participants engage with a series of social media tools, share ideas, reflect on practice and write blog posts to contribute to a community resource for others.  The design of the course itself is a re-used learning design. The original 23 things concept was developed by librarians in the USA and has been adopted by universities across the world, with each group adding their own local spin on the tasks.

All of the courses are available to all, and all materials generated are openly licenced.

Following on from their award,  the 23 things programme ran again at Oxford  as  ’23 Things for Research‘ and was extended as part of our ‘Engage‘ programme to include many more people from inside and beyond the collegiate university.

Liz returns to OxTALENT to tell us about her experience.

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