OxTALENT Speakers: Jonathan Healey

Jonathan Healey works on early-modern British social and economic history. As well as being a Fellow of Kellogg College, he is a University Lecturer in English Local and Social History.

In 2012 he was picked as one of the winners of BBC Radio 3’s New Generation Thinkers competition, and made  a number of appearances on the radio and the BBC website over the course of 2012-13.  He warns us that lessons drawn from the past and applied to our own world are meaningless, despite what we are told by best-selling historians and television documentaries. Healey suggests, it’s precisely because the past is a foreign country that we are able to understand what is so unique about today’s world.

He is keen to foster a public engagement with social history more generally, has recently begun a blog and some early tweeting.

He joins us at OxTALENT to reflect on his experience in balancing academia with a media profile.

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