Student IT Innovation

This category of the OxTALENT competition is for students who have made creative use of digital technology in learning or research at Oxford. Winners have used or developed any technology (software or hardware) that has made a difference to the educational experience of other Oxford students as well as to their own.

Winner: Christopher Horton for The Anatomical Walkthrough

Studt - W - Anatomy DiagramChris developed The Anatomical Walkthrough app while on a summer fellowship in response to students’ feedback on existing computer-assisted learning materials for anatomy. The intention was to provide pre-clinical students with the opportunity to study discrete modules relevant to the anatomy syllabus in an interactive manner. Available on desktop and mobile platforms, the app is designed to help students build their knowledge of an anatomical structure from the inside out, progressively increasing the level of complexity until the entire structure is understood.

A group of first-year students took part in a pilot of the app while preparing for tutorials and essays. They gave Chris some very positive feedback, including:

  • It’s by far the best anatomy resource on the web or in our books.
  • …the questions at the end of every section are really useful in reinforcing what you have learnt [and] help to highlight what we may have missed out/not remembered.
  • The text and pictures are great and it really feels like the amount of informative information hits a nice sweet spot.

Studt - W - QuestionsThe success of the app has prompted Chris to consider encouraging other pre-clinical students to write more modules on topics in the syllabus. He hopes that ‘in this way, a comprehensive, interactive anatomy resource can be made, whilst allowing students themselves to learn and revise anatomy by making the modules.’

The judges considered The Anatomical Walkthrough to be an excellent example of an initiative to produce a valuable learning and revision resource that can benefit future cohorts. They particularly liked the simplicity in the structure of the learning materials and the flexibility of the navigation, which offers a choice between a directed walkthrough or free access to individual resources for revision purposes.

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