Digital Media

Previously titled ‘Academic Podcasting’, this category has been expanded in 2017 to reflect the variety of forms that media artefacts can take: podcasts, animations, short videos (stills and/or moving images), as well as more substantial documentaries.

Digital media are increasingly interwoven with teaching and learning, and we have been extremely impressed with, and inspired by, the innovative ways in which media are integrated not only into the student experience, but also into the University’s public engagement work.

Winner: Timothy Knowlson for Take 5 for Exam Panic

Responding to a large number of students with anxiety issues, the Counselling Service developed Take 5 for Exam Panic, a mobile website that provides a wide range of information and exercises to help students to cope during the stressful period around exams.

The judges were very impressed with the clear and simple design of the website, and how well it serves the aims and goals of the project – from the useful tools and exercises, right down to the relaxing colour and theme. They felt that it is a fantastic resource to help combat stress not only in students, but also in staff. They expressed the hope that Take 5 goes beyond the current pilot stage.

Runners-up: Suzanne de la Rosa, Dan Q, Elizabeth McCarthy, Jennifer Townshend & Kath Fotheringham for In-gallery interactives for Bodleian’s Shakespeare’s Dead exhibition

Public engagement is incredibly important in promoting a positive image of Oxford University and the Bodleian’s temporary exhibitions in the Weston Library’s two galleries have showcased some of the world-class research that goes on.  The ‘Shakespeare’s Dead’ exhibition focused on death in Shakespeare’s work and time, and formed part of the city-wide Shakespeare Oxford 2016 Festival. Although Shakespeare is often perceived as being ‘dry’ or heavy going, the highly visual and interactive digital content complemented the exhibition items and allowed visitors to think about the stories and text in a light-hearted and fun way.

The judges really enjoyed the use of humour in engaging with all age groups and were particularly impressed that it was achieved in-house on such a shoe-string budget. The impact on visitors has been extremely encouraging, and the team has set the standard high with this exhibition.

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