Research Posters

We welcome in this category any poster that you have created which reports on research, teaching/learning or outreach activities, and which has been peer reviewed for a conference or research-related event or activity. It’s important for the poster to have been peer reviewed (for example by submission to a conference, or as part of a taught course) as it will be judged solely on the basis of its design, not its content. For inspiration, here are last year’s winners.

Early Modern Letters Online – Arno Bosse et al, Winner – Best Poster

DECisions – Ellie Morgan-Jones, Winner – Most Innovative Poster

Please note that posters designed to advertise conferences and events are not eligible for the competition.

You are eligible to enter the competition even if you’ve had professional help, but we ask you to let us know on the entry form what assistance you received.

What the judges will look for…

The poster will be looked at by a small panel of judges who have experience in poster design and/or a design-related area. They will be interested in the following:

  • Effective use of…
    • Space
    • Colour
    • Text
    • Graphics and images
  • …in the context of…
    • Structure of the information
    • Impact
    • Aesthetics
  • …to produce a poster that…
    • Communicates your research
    • Is engaging
    • Is accessible

Find out how to enter.

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