Love – and other things – A Valentine’s day special

Coming soon… Romantic ideals, sexual attraction, platonic love, marriage  – can the secrets of love be revealed by Oxford researchers on Valentine’s day?  In this series of short talks on February 14th, Oxford academics will tackle the great questions on  ‘Love – and other things’.

  • How do we find love online? – Dr. Bernie Hogan
  • If marriage is a trade, then what price romance?’ – Dr. Sos Eltis
  • Who did Plato (not) love?’ – Dr. Cressida Ryan
  • How did Jonathan Swift use an elaborate combination of language and code to tease his reader? – Dr. Abigail Williams

Meanwhile, enjoy the Love and other things trailer!

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  • What role do pheromones play in sexual attraction? – Dr. Tristram Wyatt
  • Darwin and Friends – how many friends can you really have? – Prof. Robin Dunbar

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