Engage: Social Media Michaelmas podcasting series

This Michaelmas term Oxford IT Services and the Bodleian libraries have co-organised a programme of events under the name Engage.

Throughout the term staff and students can explore tools and strategies for building online presence, networking, fostering public engagement and broadening impact of their work. Each week offers a rich programme of workshops, classes and talks held by invited speakers.

If you can’t make the talks we’ve been recording them for you. All podcasts (in a mixture of audio and video formats) are going to be published in the Engage: Social Media series on the Oxford Podcasts website.

The opening talk by Professor Marcus du Sautoy launches this new series. In this talk Marcus discusses the role that digital technologies play in his work as the Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

“For me science is both about discovery and communication. A mathematical idea only starts to live once you have brought it alive in somebody else’s mind” he says. Marcus then goes on to discuss how Twitter allows him to take on the role of a “science communicator” for a wider public, how it offers him “a very fast and furious way” of finding information and staying in touch with the science community.

Twitter is just one of the tools explored in this talk. Marcus enthusiastically talks about the Maths in the City project and how it is an example of “the blend between engaging people very personally on the tours but also having the possibility of hitting a lot of people in one go” and about a new stage in book publishing where the reader ceases to be a spectator but can engage with science alongside doing the reading.

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