Can the secrets of love be revealed by Oxford researchers?

Short talks on Love

Romantic ideals, sexual attraction, platonic love, marriage – all talks from Oxford researchers relevant for Valentine’s day?

In this series of short talks, Oxford academics tackle the great questions on ‘Love – and other things’.

• How do we find love online? – Dr. Bernie Hogan
• If marriage is a trade, then what price romance?’ – Dr. Sos Eltis
• Who did Plato (not) love?’ – Dr. Cressida Ryan
• How did Jonathan Swift use an elaborate combination of language and code to tease his reader? – Dr. Abigail Williams

Enjoy the Love and other things trailer!

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• What role do pheromones play in sexual attraction? – Dr. Tristram Wyatt
• Darwin and Friends – how many friends can you really have? – Prof. Robin Dunbar

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