Find out more about Meteorites!

Oxford scientist Ken Amor’s recent StarGazing talk is on iTunesU at and on our website here –

Stargazing podcast series from Oxford Physics

If you were intrigued by the recent massive Meteorite crash then we have a brilliant overview of the science behind it by Oxford researcher Kenor Amor. He recorded a StarGazing talk in January 2013 entitled “The science of large meteorite impacts on Earth”.

If you want to find out more about our night sky, from new planets to far-off galaxies and the vastness of the Universe then we recommend the StarGazing podcast series.  A great series of short talks  for the general public from leading astronomy researchers at the Oxford University Physics department. The series includes talks on finding new planets, robots in space, cosmology and why we can describe a galaxy as a bowl of fruit. The series is available on the web and via Oxford on iTunesU.

Oxford on iTunesU –

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