Broadcasting your event to the world

Are you thinking of organising an event that might be of interest to the wider world? Are you running a series high-profile talks linked to a research project? Is there a VIP giving a talk soon in your department that your alumni might like to see ?

Well if so, why not consider broadcasting your event live to a global audience?

The webcast streaming service offered by Educational Media Services (EMS) is a solution that provides a live video stream of your event, lecture or conference on the internet. The webcast is available to anyone who has the URL. It’s an easy way to reach a large international audience. The media team will handle all technical aspects so the speaker and organisers can concentrate on the content. There is no need for the audience to register or pay to view, you just need to advertise the event through your normal communication channels such as maillists, twitter and facebook . It’s perfect for those occasions where you know more people would like to attend an event than can fit in the lecture theatre. The system allows you to see how many viewers are logged in watching the events and there is a twitter feed channel setup so that you can receive instant feedback.

How the streaming system works

• A small team of staff from EMS will come to the event with at least two cameras. These cameras will be set up in as unobtrusive positions as possible and will avoid capturing faces of members of the audience.
• A vision mixer will live mix the video signals and send the signal out to the main computer for streaming.
• The stream can be watched on any computer within the University or on the wider internet, the webstream works on ipads and android phones too
• Wireless mics will be provided for the speakers to wear whilst they are talking to capture the best quality of audio possible. A roving mic will also be supplied.

If you’re interested in finding out more then contact the service at

Here are two pictures from recent events we’ve webcast. Stephen Fry at St Catherine’s college in February and the Physics Flash Talks evening.

Live events webcasted at Oxford University

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