Oxford on iTunesU celebrates its 6th birthday – 6,000 talks for free.

Oxford on iTunesU celebrates its 6th birthday this month. It is a unique repository of free knowledge, with over 6,000 talks and lectures available now for free.

A new series ‘Big Questions in Science’ is typical of what we release, the latest research on globally important issues by world-class researchers. We always recommend subscribing to a series as more talks will be added in future and you’ll see related topics to explore further at your own pace. The Big Questions series is presented in a friendly, engaging way, they’re a perfect starting point for the hundreds of other great science podcasts we make available for free. If you like the Big Questions short and snappy format you’ll probably love our series on ‘Chemistry for the Future’ or ‘Flash Talk Physics’. The benefit of using iTunes is that the content can be synced to your music player and mobile device. But if you don’t want to use iTunes then here is a parallel web site, podcasts.ox.ac.uk, for those who want to play the material through a web browser.

Other interesting content released over the last month includes series on Condensed Matter, Practical Ethics, World War Two poetry, Egyptian collections and a set of talks from the recent Alumni Weekend.

The quickest way to find out which series have new content released is by checking the series page, which is sorted on date order – http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series

Oxford on iTunesU – http://itunes.ox.ac.uk
Podcasting web site – http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk

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