Spiky subjects

When they arrive at a community collection submissions day, every participant is met by a member of the team who explains the work-flow for the day, more about the project, and in particular the terms and conditions that apply for their contribution. In all, I have only heard of one participant refusing to submit their material because of the terms of the Europeana project “Erster Weltkrieg in Alltagsdokumenten” (The First World War in everyday documents). Their decision was respected, and after a lengthy discussion they were warmly thanked for their efforts to come in and try to contribute.

As mentioned in the last photo from the last blog, one man’s effects were brought in right at the end of the day. In this photo Alun Edwards, RunCoCo, University of Oxford handles an artefact with gravity and respect:

Frankfurt, Spring 2011

This treatment contrasts with the way in which Alun’s family played with another such helmet, when they were boys:

Autumn 1914, Llandrindod

These photos were submitted to The Great War Archive, the pilot project in the UK which inspired Europeana’s interest in community collections. More stories and photos follow! We’re updating our progress on this blog and on Twitter, follow #Europeana and @RunCoCo!

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