Sakai OAE Release 1.0.0

From Alan Marks Sakai OAE Project Director

The Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE) steering group and project team are pleased and excited to announce that the OAE 1.0.0 is now available.

This release of OAE represents the first production-ready version of OAE and emphasizes functionality for academic networking and collaboration. We recognize that as a version one release, it’s merely a stepping stone for great things to come, and hope that it encourages adoption and, crucially, increased participation in the project among individuals and institutions that together comprise the Sakai Community.

Sakai OAE grew from the hard work of a lot of people, not just those “officially” seconded to the managed project team, but especially the many volunteer contributors in the community without whom the project would not have succeeded. While the list of people who have helped to make OAE a reality is too long to acknowledge individually, I’d like thank you to each of you for your hard work. Great job.

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