Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE) 1.1.0 released

RELEASE DATE: 15 December 2011

The Sakai Community is pleased to announce the release of the Sakai OAE version 1.1.0.

Sakai OAE is an open-source platform that promotes collaboration and sharing between users and interoperability between systems. It embraces a new vision for academic collaboration informed by the needs of learners, teachers and researchers.

Academic networking capabilities encourage people to connect and participate actively in communities that span beyond the traditional boundaries of classroom and institution. Powerful capabilities around content – creation, authoring, reuse, presentation, and commenting – permit mash-ups and remixable experiences of ideas, connectivity, dialog and media. Enhanced search capabilities aid discovery of people and content. A widget-based architecture simplifies both development and integration with external systems.


OAE 1.1.0 introduces the following new features:

  • create, gather and share collections of related content items
  • restrict anonymous access to user information and content with enhanced user privacy options
  • import/export IMS content packages (packages imported as a flat structure for this release)
  • embed Sakai CLE tools in an OAE document using a new sakai2tools widget
  • leverage numerous accessibility improvements
  • scan search results quickly using infinite scrolling
  • create OAE worlds using templates and a “middle layer” world creation service.
  • export OAE worlds as templates for easy reuse
  • utilize a new migration framework when upgrading between OAE versions
  • run OAE in a cluster with redundant search and application server nodes for scalability and uptime
  • integrate OAE with Kaltura’s video platform*
  • enjoy a variety of UI and back-end refinements designed to enhance the user experience
  • and we also fixed some bugs too

*Note: OAE/Kaltura integration requires installation of a separate bundle that is not distributed with Sakai OAE due to licensing restrictions.


OAE 1.1.0 Web Start (one-click download/run for Demos)


Sakai OAE is released under the Educational Community License version 2.0

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