The Curious Case of the Missing Documents – How one user fell foul of using “View in Explorer” to move content around in Sharepoint 2013

Maintaining the service we sometimes lose sight of how people interact with Sharepoint, and we know that some users really don’t like Sharepoint 2013’s user interface that much – and prefer to use a combination of WebDAV or “View in … Continue reading

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Search tips in Sharepoint Libraries

“Searching in Sharepoint doesn’t work” – I think this is probably the second most popular support task type right after permissions woes and yet seldom few folk actually understand how Sharepoint’s Enterprise Search works. Let’s look at┬áprobably the most common … Continue reading

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The sticky subject of Sharepoint Permissions

Without a doubt, one of the biggest support headaches with Sharepoint revolve around access controls and permissions. The most frequently raised tickets in HEAT are permissions issues, and we see so many sites where a Site Collection Administrator has inherited … Continue reading

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Welcome to Sharepoint Shenanigans

Welcome to Sharepoint Shenanigans, a Nexus Team blog covering various aspects of the Nexus Sharepoint Service and sharing a few tips, knowledge items and annoyances along the way. Posts will also cover the Nexus Exchange Service as that’s also a … Continue reading

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