Schedule 2016

Show: Billy Jackson – Spare time filmmaker

Thursday 17th November – Bill Jackson 

Billy Jackson works for the University full time, but in his spare time he likes to make films. In this session Billy will talk about his work, which range from music videos to short dramas to one stop motion animation pieces, one of which was shortlisted for a BBC short film competition. He will talk about how anybody can make a film and will cover the self-taught aspect and provide a brief overview of the tools he uses, such as Final Cut.

  • Learn how to start to make films
  • Find out the key tools that you need to make a film
  • What are the do’s and dont’s of the first time filmmaking
  • Where to showcase your work

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Ruskin Fine Art – designing technology smart creative spaces for the future

ruskin new building

Thursday 24th November – Jon Roome

Jon Roome has been involved in the design of the new facility at Bullingdon Rd for Ruskin Fine Art from its inception. Jon will take us through the process of creating a world class 21st century space that fosters the intersection between art and technology. A must see talk!

  • managing technology and creativity
  • designing spaces
  • managing a multi-million pound project

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Show: re-sOUnd – bringing historic musical instruments to life with new technology

Thursday 1st December – Ted Koterwas

re-sOUnd turns your phone into a musical instrument from the Bate Collection or Ashmolean: blow into the phone to sound a trumpet from the Civil War and play an Amati violin by moving your arm in a bowing motion. Ted Koterwas will demo the app, discuss the underlying technology and the process of sampling the instruments, and how you can use the samples in your own projects.

  • Understand creative use of technology
  • Understand novel interfaces
  • Experience music sampling
  • Understand public engagement with collections

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Show: Using computers to score film music – my approach

Thursday 8th December – Steve Eyre

Stephen will give a short talk about his approach to scoring music for film using Logic on a mac. The talk will cover the creative process, tools used, and some examples of output.

  • Understand logic
  • Look at software instruments
  • Understand creative process
  • Understand outcomes

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