My iPad wishes

As the whole industrialised world knows, Apple have launched the iPad and it seems set to sell very well. Basically an expanded iTouch, the increased screen size and the continuing explosion of media to take advantage of it will make it one of the key consumer products of this year.

When I heard that a tablet device was immanent and didn’t know it would be based on the iTouch/Phone technology I was hoping for the processing power and application set that come with the macbook level of ¬†product.Working with pro apps using a touch based interface would have been revolutionary and worthy of the “game-changing” hype that the iPad received. I am told rumours exist of an Imac with some touch based interfacing being available sometime in Autumn. I genuinely look forward to that as a giant leap. Mocking up multimedia projects using hand gestures and then being able to zoom in and lock movement to a grid to facilitate fine editing would be infinitely preferable and faster than mouse and keystroke manipulation. Post-production real-time effect mixing and automation would become a pleasure and a whole generation of new users would find their creative software more immediate and intuitive to use.

Lets not forget that the art of creating and the craft of production often demand opposite approaches and any improvement in the interface of the two is going to reap real rewards.

As for the iPad, it can only help with our Podcast marketing and we will be able to use it to show off the wider educational market of free and inspiring media that is now available.

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