Copyright and creativity

One of the great things about being a student whilst working is that occasionally , you meet a subject in one part of your life from a fundamentally different perspective, in another part. Following a link on a fellow research students Facebook page led me to this YouTube clip that is a discussion of copyright and creativity from an experimental music perspective. There was (and is) a movement in music of re-sampling ┬ápre-recorded music to create new works that whilst were sometimes entirely made up of sampled material, were nonetheless original works of art. This was taking place on the fringes of academia in the last century before copyright threats began to close the practice down. However, the concept of creating new art from old was radically established and the practice of sampling is, of course, ┬árife today – though normally not in the way Chris Cutler describes in:

This YouTube clip is interesting for educators in the way it critiques copyright and uses a very distinct example of what is happening with copyright – the tensions that intellectual property provoke in our society.

The Amen Brake

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