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This month saw the launch of the Digital Media User Group hosted here at OUCS. The DMUG exists as a Weblearn site full of electronic resources to support the work of the University in creating and distributing digital media (our podcast service has recently served 9 million downloads world wide through iTunesU – just one aspect of the work being done at Oxford). In addition to the site, DMUG hosts a termly meeting showcasing member’s work and offering expert overviews from specialists in media areas. The following is a brief overview of the event:

Alison Kahn showcased her work with the Pitt Rivers Museum working with archive anthropological footage taken early last century, and mapping that footage to objects in the museum. Using high resolution still photography, the objects are captured to archive standard and the film can be tailored to multiple audiences and purposes – from TV documentary purposes to specialist teaching support. The end results were captivating and showed the objects in high enough resolution to be useful as graphical study aides

Maarten Roos showcased some of the work he has done in supporting and promoting the work of numerous Science based projects using the skills he has developed as a serious filmmaker. His work with the VIRTIS space instrument is worth a closer look:

The direction and sense of perfection he brings to the projects is evidenced in the high quality films that these projects now boast.

Peter Robinson who heads up Oxford’s podcast service then gave a quick digital tour of the service and underlined the inclusiveness of the project and our overall goal of sharing world class content. The Podcast service has delivered over 9 million downloads to a worldwide audience and the content ranges from simple audio capture to productions that rival any commercial service.

Oxford members can email to join the site and get updates as to the next meeting

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