Happy Christmas

Well another calendar year is drawing to a close and it’s been pretty momentous in my little technology driven corner. We’ve hosted major events with guests from the Guardian, Japan and our own university here. We’ve run a major campaign on social media that has obviously caught the imagination of the university – 23,ooo+ hits on the website (http://bit.ly/Uj0puz)

We have delivered new courses in Online Presence, LinkedIn for academics, and hosted a range of talks that have highlighted the effective work done with blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and a widerange of other subjects including copyright and storytelling with images. We have been through a major structural change, both as a organisation and in the teaching team that call home. Neither has been disruptive to the schedule we offer and that has been perhaps the biggest achievement.

I’m looking forward to the Christmas break and a chance to switch focus to home and music but I am also looking forward to an equally exciting term next year with the opportunity to support the wider university with the teaching I do in so many fascinating areas.

I leave you with a link to a subject based list of academics who tweet – very useful to sharpen the impact of who you follow:


Happy Christmas!

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