Sharing bibliographic information

As part of my work for the Sudamih Project, I recently spent some time surveying the literature on data management. This was initially for internal purposes – to fill in our background knowledge and inform the resources we’re developing – but after attending a workshop where we got the chance to meet people from other projects in the JISC Managing Research Data Programme, it became apparent that others might also be interested in our findings. Data sharing is something the Sudamih Project is keen to promote, so in the spirit of practising what we preach, we’re making the fruits of our research publicly available.

While a bibliography isn’t the sort of dataset that requires expensive equipment or trips to archives to produce, that doesn’t mean it’s a free resource: even when all the information can be found online, the process of collecting, sifting, and compiling it carries a significant cost in staff time. Sharing means that duplication of effort can be reduced, thus meaning that resources (both financial and human) are being used more efficiently.

Two PDFs are available for download from our Project Outputs page. The first is a bibliography with brief abstracts, covering policy issues, data sharing, digital curation and preservation, repositories, metadata, and personal information management. The second is a more detailed review of a subset of the literature dealing with personal information management.

The bibliography can also be accessed via a Zotero group. For those unfamiliar with it, Zotero is a free reference management add-on for Firefox: while you can view the bibliography online, if you register (which is quick and easy) and join the group, you’ll be able to download a copy of the group library, which you can then use to add citations to your own documents. Group members are also able to contribute items, and we’d be delighted if others working in this area want to share their own references in this way.

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