We need clarity- clearly

Evernote Clearly 128x128 Given that you’re reading this blog, I guessing that you do probably do a fair amount of reading online. If that is so, then it is important to be able to read as quickly and efficiently as possible. For this reason,I have picked this item to tackle as my first post.

For some, the background colour, the font and it’s size are really important to readability. Whilst the theme of IT Services blogs is,from a user’s perspective not customisable, it is simple, clean and the font easy to read (though some do prefer serif fonts of course). Sadly this is not necessarily true of all online materials; leaving aside issues of poor website design, we are bombarded with adverts and images and other extraneous material.

Enter, Clearly  a free browser extension which provides a clean, distraction free view of the current webpage and allows the user to customise the font size, font, and background colour. Also very useful is the clearly highlighter, which allows you to annotate the webpage.

evernoteBeing an Evernote product clearly integrates well with Evernote: once you’ve opened the webpage in clearly, you can simply click to save the cleaned, clearly rendered version of the webpage (along with any annotations you made) into Evernote using the evernote web clipper. Evernote, in case you never heard of it, can be used to save webpages and documents in a cloud-based repository. Once in Evernote, its contents can be viewed on any of your devices via a browser extension or device client. I use evernote as a supplement to bookmarking, for articles to read later, to share (via a url/web page) or more often because I wish to annotate them, more about that in another post…

Of course some of you are wondering what a browser extension is, and how to install it. If you click https://evernote.com/clearly/ there are instructions for installation for the browser which you are currently using, no fuss and no need for administrative privileges. Clearly is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and possibly others. Internet Explorer users might like to try read on the web  .

webclipperEvernote webclipper is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Safari on iPad (last used it was very slow, a better way of saving to Evernote iPad is, using the share icon)
Evernote desktop/phone/tablet clients are available for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone).

As I no longer use a Linux desktop regularly I can’t add anything here, nevernote/nixnote client did use to work with evernote.

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