Notetaking in OneNote

I have been planning on writing a blog on notetaking and notetaking applications and in particular, how to take digital notes using handwriting. I find handwriting is kinesthetic and I am more likely to remember what I have handwritten than … Continue reading

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Using OneNote by Daryl Theobalds

If you ever find it difficult to keep notes and documents synchronised across multiple devices and to collaborate on them with colleagues, then OneNote might be worth looking at.  The full application is a standard part of the Microsoft Office … Continue reading

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Email netiquette; 4 S’s subject, simplicity, short and sweet

The problem with email is there are too many and they take too long to read and process. There is a cost to the volume and length of emails and not just in the time taken to read and reply, … Continue reading

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I am the sort of person who likes tweaking, finding the most efficient and effective way of doing things. I am a technophile, I like problem solving and gadgets, but not the sort of gadgets that you use once and … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello World. Just getting some things ready… please wait…nearly there.. first post due out end February each Tuesday morning….

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