Seasonal ‘presents’ from Turnitin


1. Powerpoint ‘present’ from Turnitin

If your students are going to demonstrate what they have learnt this term via a PowerPoint presentation, Turnitin now accepts PowerPoint files. The text on the slides can be checked for similarity with electronic materials on the massive worldwide Turnitin repositories. The text and images are available in the Document Viewer for you to evaluate and provide feedback to students in the form of comments and voice comments. Check Turnitin Academy for more information and the ‘gift’ of a proposed workflow.

2. iPad app from Turnitin

On the ski slopes or somewhere warmer this holiday season, you can mark your students’ essays on your iPad using Turnitin’s new app, which enables both originality checking and electronic marking. Have a look at the great natural settings on view on their simulated iPad and watch a demo video at

For more information, contact

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