Naming the ‘Online Research Database Service’

Just a quick announcement that the service name for the DaaS at the University of Oxford will be the ‘Online Research Database Service’, or ORDS for short. This was felt to be reasonably descriptive of what we’re offering whilst not treading on the toes of any other systems or services within the University.

So when we refer to the ORDS in this blog or in the VIDaaS website in future you will know that we are referring to the local service that we will be offering our staff and students from April 2012 onwards built upon the DaaS software. Other institutions wishing to adapt the DaaS for their own use will need to consider something similar. Whilst we will be adding ORDS branding to the DaaS user interfaces, we will do so in a way that makes it very simply for other institutions to replace this with graphics and text more to their own tastes.

Maybe in the not-too-distant future we can create a single national service around the DaaS, which would almost certainly enable greater economies of scale, but for the time being we’re taking things one step at a time.

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