@Arras95 – Week 3

Here is a summary three weeks into @Arras95 1351 tweets sent using the #arras95 hashtag (not including our own account). 293 followers. 181 items of open content about the Battle of Arras added to our resource library. 4 new articles … Continue reading

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@Arras95 – Week 1

On the 9th April we launched the @Arras95 campaign. @Arras95 aims to surface a key, but lesser taught, turning point of the War, providing an innovative opportunity for others to learn about and engage in discussion about this historical event. … Continue reading

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Donkeys leading lions leading donkeys

For this project we are explicitly creating OER, and possibly, in a┬áconstructivist approach this means we take certain steps and author our materials in a certain way. However, this is still based around a production model of author to consumer, … Continue reading

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