Stories from Facebook: a seminar

The Learning & New Technologies Research Group (LNTRG) brings together academics and students in the Department of Education, and works closely with staff in other parts of the University who are engaged in research and practice in the field. The group organises research seminars throughout the year, and on Wednesday 17th February it welcomes Dr Eve Stirling of Sheffield Hallam University to speak on Stories from Facebook. Here is her abstract:

facebook-1006474_1280Within the range of websites and apps that are part of first-year undergraduates’ digital environments, the social network site Facebook is perhaps the most popular and prominent. As such, the ubiquitous nature of Facebook in the higher education landscape has drawn much attention from scholars. Drawing on data from a longitudinal connective ethnography, this paper uses two ethnographic stories to explore further the realities of social media usage by newly enrolled undergraduate students in a UK university. These ethnographic stories tell two differing tales – one of connection, intent, use and organisation – the other, of disconnection, disengagement and unrealised expectations. Facebook structures students’ time at university both through connection and disconnection practices and examples of these are presented under two headings ‘I’m always on it’ and ‘Being academic’. First-year student experiences of Higher Education and social media use are not uniform, but nuanced and responsive to their specific ecosocial systems.

The seminar takes place in the Department of Education, Norham Gardens, from 5.00-6.30pm.

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