Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2016

Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School 2016

St Hugh’s College
4 – 8 July 2016

Scholarship – Application – Community

Do you work in the Humanities or support people who do?

Are you interested in how the digital can help your research?

Come and learn from experts with participants from around the world, from every field and career stage, to develop your knowledge and acquire new skills.

Immerse yourself for a week in one of our 8 workshop strands, and widen your horizons through the keynote and additional sessions.


 An Introduction to Digital Humanities
Expert insights into our digital landscape

 An Introduction to the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative
Markup for Textual Research

 Analysing Humanities Data
An Introduction to Knowledge-Based Computing with the Wolfram Language

 Digital Musicology
Applied computational and informatics methods for enhancing musicology

 From Text to Tech
Corpus and Computational Linguistics for powerful text processing in the Humanities

 Humanities Data: A Hands-On Approach
Making the Most of Messy Data

 Linked Data for Digital Humanities
Publishing, Querying, and Linking on the Semantic Web

 Social Humanities: Citizens at Scale in the Digital World
Social Media, Citizen Science, and Social Machines


Additional Lectures:
Supplement your chosen workshop with a choice of 3 from 9 additional morning lecture sessions (Tue-Thurs) covering a variety of Digital Humanities topics.

Evening Events:
Join us for events every evening, include a research poster and drinks reception, the annual TORCH Digital Humanities lecture, and a dinner at Exeter College.

Reduced fees are available for academics and students, as well as group bookings. See the registration page at for details.

For more information, visit

Directors of DHOxSS,
James Cummings
Pip Willcox


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